Respiratory Benefits with Salt Therapy –

Salt therapy is an alternative and natural treatment to manage your respiratory symptoms. This treatment can relieve symptoms related to bronchitis, COPD, asthma, emphysema, smoker’s cough, sinusitis, upper respiratory infections, and allergies.

When you follow a treatment plan consisting of regular salt therapy visits, you will experience an ongoing clearing of toxins and mucus from your body. This clearing will result in healthier and cleaner lungs. There are several respiratory benefits available through salt therapy treatments.

Contaminants are Eliminated

Salt can destroy or inhibit the growth of pathogens and toxins in your lungs as it is antimicrobial, antiviral, and antibacterial. When the salt goes into your respiratory system, it absorbs the toxins, and clears and cleans away mucus. This process rids your respiratory system of harmful bacteria.

Antiviral Advantages

Viruses can affect your respiratory system when they enter your body. During a salt therapy treatment, the salt will act as an agent to suppress or kill those viruses. The treatment will boost cells and activate an antiviral defense to stop the virus from reproducing or replicating.

Salt Therapy Opens Airways

When you breathe during a salt therapy treatment, the dry salt particles will go deep into your lungs. In your lungs, the salt particles will be absorbed in your airways, cleaning them of harmful particles that can make them narrow. The salt will then widen your airways so you can breathe easier.

Antimicrobial Advantages

Salt is well-known for its antibacterial benefits. These benefits are why it is often used as a  preservative. Salt will kill bacteria and drain moisture out of it. When there is no moisture, bacteria cannot function properly and are destroyed.

Anti-Inflammatory Advantages

When your body’s white blood cells have to protect you from foreign organisms, infections, and bacteria, inflammation will occur. Salt can reduce inflammation when it cleans the viral agents and toxins from your airways and nasal cavities. The salt from the treatment will attack the problems in your nasal cavities and lungs as it reduces bronchial swelling.

How Salt Therapy Soothes COPD

Salt therapy has shown significant benefits for relieving lung disease symptoms. One disease, COPD is a degenerative and debilitating lung disease as it restricts your airflow out and into your lungs. Many COPD sufferers are reporting positive results from their symptoms from salt therapy treatments.

A recent study using 35 patients with COPD had them use a dry salt inhaler. The results of the study showed these patients had significant improvement in their symptoms and reported an improvement in their quality of life.

Clinical trials have also been conducted with these benefits of salt therapy treatment revealed:

  • 75% of severe asthma cases showed positive results with salt therapy treatment
  • 85% of moderate to mild asthma cases showed positive results after salt therapy treatment
  • 97% of bronchiectasis, chronic bronchitis, and cystic fibrosis cases showed positive results from salt therapy treatment

In Conclusion- Salt Therapy Works

The scientific community is not exactly sure why salt therapy has shown improvements in lung condition symptoms. The one factor that stands out is the salt therapy treatments kill off microorganisms in the lungs and reduce inflammation as it decreases mucus. If you suffer from respiratory conditions, try salt therapy to help clear and clean out your lungs so you can breathe easier.