How does salt therapy help allergies?

Suffering from allergies is miserable. The sneezing, constantly running nose, recurrent cough, and itchy, teary eyes all create a bad day if you do not treat the condition. Allergies occur from an exaggerated immune response you have to certain triggers or allergens. Some of these allergens include eggs, insect bites, pet dander, cold air, pollen, mold, animal fur, nuts, or other products your system cannot tolerate.

There is a solution to your allergy symptoms. Salt therapy or halotherapy is a natural treatment that will reduce your allergy symptoms as well as the frequency in which your body reacts to allergens. These are five ways in which salt therapy will help you deal with allergies and live a more comfortable life.

Reduces Bacterial Growth

Bacteria are often responsible for triggering or complicating an allergy. The dry salt particles applied in salt therapy will reduce bacterial growth and its ability to multiply. The salt particles will also absorb bacteria and clear them off your airway.

Absorbs Irritants and Allergens

Salt therapy will soothe your airways as it absorbs the allergens lining your airway. This process will lower your immune response and inflammation which results in a reduction of your symptoms.

Reduces Inflammation

Salt therapy is applied or administered in a dry room with only 50% humidity. The dry room will allow the salt particles to travel way down into your sinuses and respiratory system. The salt particles will then reduce the migration of inflammatory cells, thus reducing your symptoms.

Breaks Up Mucus Plugs

The salt particles during salt therapy break up mucus plugs in your sinuses and airways. When these mucus plugs are broken up, it will allow more space for air to flow through. This increased airflow will result in fewer sleep disturbances and allow you to get a better night’s rest.

Relief From Sinus Discomfort

Sinusitis can easily create severe headaches and facial pain along with a running nose. When mucus collects in your sinuses, it creates these facial pains and headaches which can often be quite painful. Salt therapy will break down the mucus and clear your airway. When the mucus is cleared away, your symptoms will be resolved.

Does Salt Therapy Work for Allergies?

Studies have been conducted on the benefits and effects of salt therapy for allergies. In one study performed by the Journal of Medicine and Life, the results were salt therapy has a positive trigger of ‘anti-inflammatory mechanism’ which decreases the inflammatory process in allergy sufferers.

Halotherapy or salt therapy has been practiced since ancient times and has just recently been discovered for its therapeutic treatment in alternative health medicine. In the 19th century, it was discovered salt miners had significantly fewer respiratory illnesses and looked much younger than metal or coal miners in the same age bracket. This discovery is what led people in Europe to seek out salt caves and mines for healing purposes.

Many clinical studies conclude the benefits of salt therapy are effective and safe. Some of those studies can be found in The Journal of Aerosol Medicine,, Europe Pubmed Central, and countless others.

In Conclusion: Salt Therapy Reduces the Use of Medicine

If you like most people, resist putting medicine or man-made chemicals into your body is an uncomfortable solution to alleviate allergy symptoms. Salt therapy is a natural therapy and is becoming more popular with its effectiveness in fighting painful, uncomfortable symptoms of allergies. If you are looking for a natural solution to allergy symptoms, make an appointment today at The Salt Room Oviedo.