Halo Massage


A fully customized experience uniquely designed to guide individual healing, while carefully catering to all your specific needs, goals, wishes and cares. There is nothing rote about this treatment. After a thorough consultation, our practitioner provides an experience created just for you, focusing on areas of concern with true intention.

  • A precise, nurturing integration of Eastern and Western techniques
  • Unlocks and releases blocks and tension on every level
  • Includes Salt Therapy

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Deep Tissue Massage


This treatment is recommended for those who regularly receive massages and who enjoy intense bodywork. Because these techniques tend to be slow and coordinated with deep breathing, just two or three areas can be thoroughly addressed in a 60-minute massage. These specialized, focused techniques:

  • Reach deep muscle layers
  • Address points of attachment as well as the belly of the muscles
  • Includes Salt therapy
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