Infrared Sauna Skincare Benefits

Let’s take a moment to talk about the skin. More importantly, let’s discuss the correlation between the usage of infrared saunas and skin health and whether or not they should be implemented as a tool for the treatment of certain common skin conditions such as acne. As time goes on more and more studies are being published on the topic of the correlation between the use of infrared saunas and healthy skin. These studies have helped us on our journey of broadening our knowledge of saunas and their effectiveness when it comes to implementing them as effective treatments for skin conditions, as well as beneficial for skin health in general. With that in being said, let’s dive on in.


Is a Sauna Bad For Your Skin?

We’re unable to talk about whether or not saunas are helpful in the targeting treatment of acne before we first take a look at why saunas, more importantly, infrared saunas are considered to be extremely beneficial for overall healthy skin. Infrared saunas used targeted infrared light in order to penetrate the skin. Once this light penetrates the skin, your body then begins the transformation process of this light into an enzyme that promotes the regeneration of skin cells. Energy levels typically found in traditional saunas don’t have the ability to generate this specific reaction, which is why scientists have proven that infrared saunas are very beneficial to having healthy skin. 


Saunas and Acne

Studies have shown that saunas are one of the most effective forms of acne treatment without the implementation of certain chemicals that can irritate various types of skin. Everyone knows acne is caused by blockages in our pores; and the best way to get rid of the acne? You guessed it, unblock the pore. Once you get rid of the blockage, you then allow the sebaceous gland to begin to work its magic without anything blocking it. This gland is positioned just below the surface of the skin and oversees the creation of sebum, which is what helps your body maintain healthy skin. Lucky for you, this is precisely what an infrared sauna begins to do when your body starts to sweat. Saunas are therefore commonly accepted as an effective form of treatment for skin conditions such as acne. Although still beneficial, traditional saunas are much more limited in their ability, compared to infrared saunas.


Infrared Saunas And Acne Treatment

As we previously discussed, common courses of acne treatment often implement the action of sweating to aid the process of freeing up blocked pores. Infrared saunas take sweating to a whole other level. Infrared saunas are one of the most efficient forms of targeted treatment plans and are widely considered as one of the most effective ways of treating acne. Implementing infrared light targeted at specific areas then penetrates beneath the skin, giving aestheticians the ability to directly target the sebaceous gland that we discussed previously, while simultaneously clearing out clogged pores through the body’s natural reaction to the heat.


A Final Thought

If you’re interested in finding out more about our infrared saunas and their many benefits, feel free to give us a call at Oviedo Salt Room today! Infrared saunas can help with not only acne but a variety of other concerns as well!