Holistic Methods to Help Alleviate Allergies

What are allergies?

An allergy is your immune system’s response to abnormal substances entering the body; usually triggering an exaggerated attack. Many common allergens are food-based products like nuts, milk, and eggs. Whereas some allergens are found within nature; such as tree pollen, bug bites, pet fur, and even grass that can affect our respiratory system. When certain individuals that are considered to be “hypersensitive” are exposed to these substances, their immune system will release a chemical known as histamine. When this chemical is released into the body, it can cause the symptoms commonly associated with allergies.

If you suffer from allergies -whether they’re daily or seasonal- you’re familiar with the misery that comes along. Symptoms such as runny noses, congestion, sniffling and even irritated eyes can linger for weeks at a time. As if enduring these conditions wasn’t enough, the aftermath can include chronic sinus headaches, nausea or in severe cases a deviated septum. People who suffer from allergies have searched high and low for anything that may bring even the slightest bit of relief to their symptoms. What we commonly come up with are medications that mask the symptoms in an attempt at relief. What if we told you there’s a natural treatment, which may not only alleviate your symptoms, but boost your immune system at the same time. The best part —  it doesn’t require a prescription. What is it?

Salt: A Natural Antihistamine

Halotherapy. Also known as salt therapy, has been growing increasingly popular over the years, and not only to treat allergies. Halotherapy also targets symptoms from chronic conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, and even skin inflammation like eczema. Here’s how  halotherapy is thought to help alleviate your symptoms.

  • Reduction of inflammation: Coughing and sinus congestion occurs when our airways become inflamed and mucus and bacteria begin to build up. This is where salt therapy can help. Halotherapy sessions are held within our natural-like salt caves which have tiny microparticles of salt pumped into the air all around the room; creating a calm and relaxing environment. As these microparticles are inhaled, it allows the salt to work it’s magic-or in this case science. The salt used during halotherapy sessions has a high mineral content, which gives it the anti-inflammatory component it’s well known for. As the salt enters the body, the components begin to help reduce the inflammation within the respiratory system; working to loosen mucus and built-up bacteria. Loosening the blockage will help expel the bacteria, thus clearing your airways. This process will also help remove any allergens that may have found their way into your body.
  • Antibacterial: Not only is salt known for its anti-inflammatory element, but it’s also a great anti-bacterial agent as well. When bacteria is introduced to a body already fighting off allergies, it can be a recipe for disaster. Bacteria can agitate the immune system, making symptoms far worse. When salt particles are introduced to the airway they not only absorb the bacteria that’s already there, but help reduce the growth and multiplication as well

Halotherapy is a great way to not only alleviate your allergy symptoms, but to relax as well. The salt caves at Oviedo’s Salt Room location is designed with a vision which was inspired by the tranquility and beauty of salt caves found all over Europe. The high level of negative ions found within our caves will not only supply you with calmness and peace, but will silently revitalize your immune system while you enjoy the experience. Kick back, relax and smell the salt – your immune system will thank you.