How Can Halotherapy Help Your Immune System?

If there was a completely naturalistic, relaxing (and even easily accessible) way to boost your immune system, hence decreasing the likelihood of catching common illnesses, everyone would give it a try, wouldn’t they? That’s exactly what we believe here at The Salt Room; We hope that these following scientific studies will educate more people on the plethora of benefits Halotherapy has to offer; inevitably convincing them to add it to their weekly routine.

Alleviating symptoms of the common cold, flu and other illnesses: A study conducted at the Technical University of Iasi, Romania showed patients with rheumatic diseases varying from  common ailments such as arthritis, to other issues like gout, benefited from receiving halotherapy treatments. As patients inhaled the microscopic salt particles, researchers found certain antigens became affected and antibodies became increasingly stimulated. More research completed by Alina Chervinskaya followed 160 people; both female and male subjects, of various age groups with a range of health conditions. Their health conditions ranging from perfectly healthy, to at risk of COPD, or currently suffering from asthma. During the study, research showed that patients who received treatments twice weekly, began to show results within three months of their first session. Findings included less laborious breathing, as well as an overall improvement in quality of life. The group of subjects who received halotherapy had a total of 14 cases of acute respiratory viral infections, these patients endured 104 days of experiencing symptoms. Whereas the controlled group subjects who didn’t receive the treatment, had a total of 55 cases of patients with acute respiratory viral infections and all of whom suffered 585 days of symptoms.

How It Fights Germs: An article was published recently by the M.D. of Long Island Jewish Valley Stream Hospital located in New York; Dr. Joseph Marino. In the article Dr. Marino mentions how “the efficacy of halotherapy [may] be related to an immunologic effect by elevating T lymphocytes, which are one of our germ fighters.” To translate into layman’s terms, Dr. Marino has a theory that halotherapy elevates a specific white blood cell that helps our bodies fight off germs and other unwanted bacteria that may find its way into our system. As the white blood cell count increases, the likelihood of falling ill is lessened.

Purging the Respiratory System: When we fall ill or suffer from chronic illnesses such as asthma or even seasonal allergies, bacteria and mucus can become built up within our systems. When a build-up of mucus comes to fruition, it can cause agitation and inflammation of the airways, leading to many different kinds of respiratory issues; most commonly coughing and difficulty breathing. The microparticles of salt that are inhaled during halotherapy sessions help break up the built up bacteria and mucus, and alleviate inflammation; ergo allowing you to expel said mucus and bacteria from your system. Once most of the build-up is cleared out of your system, white blood cells will begin to go hard at work to fight the remaining bacteria; eventually completely cleansing your body of infection.

In conclusion, Halotherapy is believed to aid the body in building germ fighters, thus lessening the likelihood of falling ill to the common cold, flu and other illnesses. Halotherapy is not only thought to increase the production and stimulation of germ-fighting white blood cells, but has also proven to decrease inflammation throughout the respiratory system; loosening and expediting the explosion of mucus/bacteria buildup. In hand, restoring your respiratory system back to health as well as promoting healthy breathing patterns. As one research project concluded, “It is extremely expedient to apply halotherapy for the primary and secondary prevention of Respiratory Disease”. Strengthening your own immune system is the first step to preventing the spread of germs to loved ones. Want to keep your family happy and healthy, whilst improving your own immune system? Then sit back, relax and let Halotherapy begin to work some magic…or in this case, science.